I’m an IT professional who has worked in the industry for over 16 years. Having held a variety of roles including support engineer, development and testing manager, IT manufacturing manager, IT Training & Development Manager, Web designer, freelance application developer and Head of ICT, I have built up a vast knowledge of several different areas of the IT (and business) world. I also have a keen interest in mobile technology and communications.

Having worked in the private sector for 15 years, 7 of which were in the Finance Sector (Stockbroking & Asset Management IT), I changed roles and became involved with the Social & Affordable Housing Sector. This has generated an interest for me in Social Housing, Digital and Financial Inclusion, Internal comms technology and serving customers via digital methods (multi-channel and channel shift).

Whilst this blog will, in the main, be referencing the work I am involved with at organisations, it should be noted that all views held here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of any organisation/employer.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and find it useful, I certainly look forward to your comments!