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Love is in the (iPad) Air
Feb 14, 2014 / Uncategorized /
It's Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's everyone! A day to appreciate those loved ones in your life (or so we are told by the commercial giants, but that's for a different, grumpier blog post!) I sat down and thought about the things I love in my life, my wonderful wife, my adorable children, my family, my job, but most importantly, my iPad Air! You see, there is something special in the Air, here I explain why my move to the iPad Air, when it was released back in ...
The £30 tablet and the humble front door key
Jan 08, 2014 / Reviews /
Move over Tesco Hudl, Aldi Medion Lifetab and Argos MyTablet, there's a new tablet on the block. The "world's cheapest tablet" has been manufactured by Datawind ( Welcome to the UbiSlate 7Ci costing a mere £30. The UbiSlate was originally made for an Indian government education scheme at which time it was branded as 'Aakash 2'. In India, the tablet is used by students and was originally designed to provide cheap access to online services to improve education. So, what exactly do you get for your three £10 ...